Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wringing out Water in Space (Video of the Day: 4/23/13)

I just thought that this was a cool demonstration of a principle that most people don't think about. When people think of something as "sticky", they usually imagine a gluey substance that gets everywhere and is inherently "wet", but that's not the case. "Stickiness" is really just electrostatic force between two objects, meaning that the balloon that you rub against your hair and then stick to a wall is also "sticky", just as is plastic wrap. Water is one of the more "sticky" substances because it is attracted to itself. When this astronaut wrings out the washcloth, the water is sticking to itself and making a tube of water as well as gloves of water. It's hard to see this on Earth because gravity often overcomes this electric-stickiness, but this demonstration was perfect.
For more, check out this article.

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