Monday, April 8, 2013

Man-Made Earthquakes (Picture of the Day: 4/8/13)

Aftermath of an earthquake in Oklahoma in 2011. Source

A new study has concluded that a 5.6-magnitude earthquake in Oklahoma back in 2011 was actually man-made. The study sites evidence that the center of the quake was in a wastewater disposal location deep underground. For years, people have been pumping oil waste water under ground as a means of disposing of it, and there is evidence that this has caused minor earthquakes in the past. If the findings of this study are correct, the Oklahoma earthquake will be the largest one ever made by human beings. There is controversy, however. Geophysicists from the USGS claim that the earthquake was, in fact, natural. It is unclear exactly what caused this disaster, but I think we should seriously consider the possibility that it could be man-made.
To read more, check out this article.

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