Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2012 DA14 Video (Video of the Day: 2/20/13)


posted about this earlier, and now we finally have video of it. The asteroid that flew by the Earth on Friday, not to be confused with the comet that hit Russia, has now been videotaped. With all the crazy happenings in Russia on Friday, poor 2012 DA14 didn't get much attention, even though it was a terrifyingly close flyby. If 2012 DA14 had hit us instead of the Russian comet, things would have been much worse. DA14 wasn't large enough to cause an extinction or anything like that, but it would certainly have put another crater on our planet.
If you want to read more about this, check out this article.

A collage of radio images taken of 2012 DA14. Credit: NASA

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