Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Curiosity's First Drilling Attempt

Interesting rock where Curiosity will drill on Mars. Source

After Curiosity's exciting arrival on Mars, it has made a few discoveries that indicate past life on Mars. But now, Curiosity is set to make even more discoveries. The rover has fallen behind schedule because the team controlling it have been intrigued by sedimentary rock found near the landing site, and it has been decided that Curiosity should delay a little longer to drill into some interesting rock, shown above.
Curiosity's drill is different from previous rovers. Before, all our robotic friends could do was scrape up some dust and study it, but Curiosity is capable of actually drilling down into solid stone. Hopefully some deeper rock samples will provide new information.
The drilling is scheduled to take place in about two weeks. For more information, I suggest reading this article.

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