Thursday, May 24, 2012

Iowa City High Brobotics

Today the last meeting of the Lego robotics "Brobotics" club at my school. It has been an amazing year filled with amazing people, so I thought I'd commemorate all we've done with a post.

Most of our team

We competed in Ames, Iowa winning both 5th and 4th places, a massive improvement from last year. In fact, everything this year has been an improvement. We've gone from about 5 members to nearly 18, we had so many members that we took two teams to the competition. We had much more time to work and we even managed to win the Prometheus Awards held by the Technology Association of Iowa for our participation in the HyperStream program. 
 We won an X-Box and Kinect

 Like good engineers we fooled around a lot and built some pretty cool things, supposedly in preparation for the competition.

 This bladed top spins when run across the ground

 This is a remote controlled motorcycle we built

The bike actually works

 As a part of a community service project we did, we got the great pleasure of visiting our local elementary school and getting the younger children there excited about engineering and all the possibilities that they'll have as they move up through their education. I sincerely hope that we had a lasting impact on them.
 We went to Hoover Elementary

 We told them all about what our club does

 Then we let them play around with our kits

This is just a small taste of our antics, and as good as this year has been, next year can only get better. 

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