Friday, July 29, 2011

What is a Science Blog?

A science blog, by definition, is most definitely NOT what I've been doing. Blogging is supposed to be a personal medium, however, I like to keep my posts rather impersonal. Science is supposed to be free of personal prejudice, but that doesn't necessarily mean that one cannot express their opinions or hopes for the future. There is a whole professional realm of futurists that make predictions concerning science and what will be possible. For example, Ray Kurzweil, a 63 year old futurist is currently on an extreme diet because he believes that technology will advance far enough in his life time that he will never have to die. I do not share his view, but I do believe that it is possible that we might beat death one day.

My blog will be a of mix facts and opinion. I can teach with one post and share my views with another. I honestly do think that the future is bright. The current political situation of the world is not conducive to scientific progress, but it will continue nonetheless. I have heard it said that science has the possibility to destroy, but I do not agree in the slightest. Science does not cause harm, politicians cause harm. TNT was not invented for war, it was invented for mining. It is ultimately politicians and governments that corrupt the advances of science. Even with its use in war, science has still saved far more lives than it could ever hope to destroy. In the last couple centuries, the human population has skyrocketed entirely due to advances in medical technology and farming techniques. Casualties due to human conflicts are nearly insignificant when faced with the life giving light of science.

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